A Chemical Sensor for the Real-Time Detection of Molecular Fluorine in Semiconductor Process Tool and Ambient Air Exhausts
Curtis T. Laush and Thomas Huang - URS Corporation (SESHA Journal Volume 15 Number 3/4 pp. 18 - 21 )

A continuous real-time fluorine chemical sensor (FCS) has been developed and evaluated for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The URS-developed FCS is a viable and simple, low-footprint device that continuously detects fluorine in real-time, avoids cross contamination of other reactive species, and exhibits high sensitivity (detection limits less than 60 ppbv), wide dynamic range (measurements possible from 0 to greater than 20,000 ppmv) and rapid response (shorter than milliseconds). The FCS is applicable to monitoring ambient air as well as wet and dry exhaust streams. The design, performance specifications, laboratory calibrations, and an example application are presented here.