A Method of Screening for Dermal Exposure to Solvents Utilizing a Photo Ionization Detector (PID): A Feasibility Study
Nicole Drew Reilly - Univ of California at Berkeley (SSA Journal Volume 11 Number 1 - Spring 1997 pp. 19 - 29 )

This study investigated the feasibility of utilizing a general organic vapor detection instrument, the photoionization detector (PID), to screen for occupational exposure to solvents via the dermal route. The equipment required by this method is minimal and relatively inexpensive and the exposure data are obtained very quickly which allows for immediate implementation of control measures. As with any sampling technique, it is important to understand the limitations associated with the method so that the data may be interpreted appropriately. However, despite these limitations, the conclusion fo this study is that this field method for measuring dermal exposure to solvents is feasible and will provide data that are beneficial to environmental health and safety professionals and the people they work to protect.