Planning and Implementing a Continuous Toxic/Combustible Gas Monitoring System in the Semiconductor Industry
Christopher D. Bundrum - University of Arizona (SSA Journal Volume 12 Number 1 - Spring 1998 pp. 41 - 54 )

The proper design and operation of a continuous toxic/combustible gas monitoring system is essential to ensure worker safety, maintain regulatory compliance, and preserve a steady production process. Identifying analytical methods and their specific performance characteristics can aid in evaluating the reliability, sensitivity, and cost of a gas detection system. The efficiency of gas detectors can be maximized through careful placement throughout a semiconductor facility. Through the use of programmable logic controller, significant progress can be made in reducing false alarms, improving calibration and data collection efficiency, and providing capability for future system expansion. A complete integrated toxic/combustible gas monitoring system can be a costly installation. However, if corners are cut and the system is not carefully designed, potential employee exposures and impacts to the production process can be even more costly.