Practical Considerations for Designing a "Firesafe" Tool
Frederick W. Kern - IBM Microelectronics , Alastair R. Brown - Rushbrook Consultants (SSA Journal Volume 14 Number 3 - Autumn 2000 pp. 9 - 16 )

There have been many developments in the last five years enabling tool manufacturers to design wit benches and other tools that have a lower fire hazard than most existing tools. Many previous papers and seminars have highlighted the risk associated with combustible polypropylene wet benches and advice is now freely available in terms of material flammability standards, such as FM4910, the SEMATECH protocol for benchmarking process contamination and recently revised SEMI Standards. Although tools are now being manufactured form firesafe material in significant numbers, little has been published about the practicalities of designing and manufacturing tools form the new materials. Drawing on experience from equipment manufactured in Europe this paper will explore some of the issues associated with firesafe tool design and manufacture, including the risk assessment based approaches to dealing with the residual risk from combustible components and raw materials.