SESHA 2002 Symposium - Abstract

Student Papers

Baure, Aubrey A.Cal Poly SLOImpact Evaluation of Upcoming Regulations on Semiconductor Waste Water Discharge?
Bradley, Scott C.Cal Poly SLOPerfluorocompound Emission Reduction in the Semiconductor Industry
Hoffman, Kenneth M.Cal Poly SLORemoval Methods for Copper from Semiconductor Wastewater
Madali, Kristina A.Cal Poly SLOErgonomics in the Semiconductor Industry: Molding the Job to Your Body
Fang, Miriam M.Univ Cal BerkeleyAnalysis of Preparedness for Unauthorized Toxic Gas Release
Gan, QuanUniv Cal BerkeleyAnalysis of Nonstandard Scheduling Effects on Semiconductor Industry Workers
Gunderson, Karen J.Univ Cal BerkeleyIs Someone Watching? A Study on the Public Availability of Chemical Storage Data
Page, James B.Univ Cal BerkeleyToxicology of Gallium and Indium Arsenide
Toor, Herb S.Univ Cal BerkeleyProcess Gas Monitoring
Wang, YunxiaUniv Cal BerkeleyComparison of Biological Monitoring and the Currently Used Air Sampling Methods
Fleming, Joy E.Univ of ArizonaRisk Assessment: Semiconductor Industry and the Use of DMSO as a Photoresist?
Koehler, Kathy A. Univ of ArizonaThe Arsine TLV: Changing Exposure Levels in a Changing Legal Environment
Selde, Rhandi N.Univ of TX-HoustonInformation Management-Associated Risk
Alters, Joshua G.Univ of WI-StoutA Comparison of Calcium Gluconate and Zephiran for the Treatment of Dermal?
Bostwick, Stephanie L.Univ of WI-StoutMetall:X in the Treatment of Arsenic in Hazardous Wastewater from the Production?
Flugaur, Nicholas J.Univ of WI-StoutAdverse Physiological Effects of Ethylene Glycol Ethers on Workers?
Knutson, Brian D.Univ of WI-StoutThe Use of Carbon Dioxide-Based Supercritical Fluids as a Cost Effective
LaForte, Josette M.Univ of WI-StoutThe Vulnerability of Transporting Hazardous Chemicals Specific to the Semiconductor

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