SESHA 2004 Speaker Information Page

Proceedings Submittal

You are encouraged to also consider submitting a technical paper for publication consideration to SESHA's e-Journal. In the Fall 2003, SESHA began the publication of an online journal for communication of timely technical topics to the EHS professionals in the high technology community. If you are interested in also submitting your presentation in the form of a technical paper, please send a copy of the abstract to .

Speaker Presentation Guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared by the SESHA symposium planning team to assist you in the development and delivery of a quality presentation at the SESHA 2004 26th Annual Symposium.

First, presentations must be submitted by February 13, 2004 using the upload feature on the SESHA website. Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe formats are preferred. Please refer to the Tips for Effective Visual Aids below for more information.

SESHA will compile all presentations and publish them as conference proceedings on the SESHA website. All presentations will be displayed from a CD generated by SESHA via laptop and LCD projectors. Laptop computers and data projectors will be provided; speakers will not be permitted to use their own laptops. The use of other visual delivery methods (e.g., transparencies or 35 mm slides) must be approved in advance by the symposium co-chairs, and any additional AV expenses may be the responsibility of the speaker.

Please bring a back-up copy of your presentation on CD.

Tips for Effective Visual Aids

Good visual aids amplify and clarify the message, stimulate interest, and help the speaker keep "on track." They merit the same care in preparation as the commentary.

General Guidelines

Slide Color

1. White print on Blue;

2. Black print on Yellow;

3. Green print on White;

4. Red print on White;

5. Blue print on White;

6. Yellow print on Blue.

Letter Size

Types of Illustrations