SESHA 2005 Symposium - Abstract

Methods & Resources Used to Help Close ESH Data Gaps and New Tools to Screen Novel Semiconductor Chemicals

Speranza, Dawn ; Kuntz, Matthew
(SEMATECH, Austin, TX)

In light of higher standards and the global harmonization of ESH regulations, novel semiconductor chemicals will need to be assessed and screened more thoroughly and effectively. The SEMATECH advanced ESH assessment project has looked at over thirty novel chemistries over the past few years. SEMATECH has tried to obtain the ESH data on an “ideal” set of seventy-five ESH chemical properties by using various resources and models. This practical application of the data types has shown that the ESH information does not always exist for many of our novel chemicals. This presentation will discuss the ESH data gaps and that currently exist and the compilation of models, lists, databases, and tools we use to screen novel semiconductor chemicals. We will also look at the current and future global approaches to obtaining ESH data and recommend potential solutions to close the ESH data gaps and prepare for tomorrow’s standards.

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