SESHA 2005 Symposium - Abstract

Health and Nanotechnologies, from Benefits to Hazards

Proust, Nicole
(TRT-Fr, Orsay, France)

The “nanoworld” includes three different areas which are described as “nanomaterials”, “nanoelectronics”, “nanobiology and nanomedecine”. This paper will give the pros and cons in term of health. Nanotechnologies can be beneficial to the health and will be helpful to save human life. We will present some applications such as lab on chip, medical diagnosis, therapy, medicine transportation… For some of them nanotutbes, nanowires, fullerenes are required. On the other hand what are the hazards for workers dealing with the preparation of nanomaterials? What are the fears related to nanoparticles, nanotubes… What could be said and what is known in term of industrial toxicology in this field at the moment? We will try to answer to theses questions. We will also indicate what are the difficulties in term of industrial hygiene and occupational heath (collection of particles, evaluation of hazards…) to protect health at work in such a case.

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