SESHA 2006 Symposium - PDC Description

Codes Part 2: The Hazardous Materials Requirements of the International Codes

Winslow, William
(Winslow Partnership, Newcastle, Washington)

This one day course covers the International Building, Fire, and Mechanical Code requirements for the storage and use of hazardous materials. Topics include how to prepare an HMIS, occupancy selection, gas detection and control, storage tanks, piping systems, explosion control, exhaust ventilation, secondary containment, and other design issues. Each student is provided a manual with design checklists. During the class, students work through a number of hazardous materials exercises. Will Winslow CIH teaches the course. Will has 20 years of experience in code enforcement and is ICC Certified in the fire and mechanical codes. He is the National Director of Code Development for the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals and was a past member of the IFC Fire Code Development Committee. Mr. Winslow has authored a number of successful code change proposals effecting the storage and use of hazardous materials.

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