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To be considered for inclusion in the Program, all submissions must be received by the SESHA Headquarters by 23 January 2009. Submissions MUST be made using this webpage. If you cannot submit via the web then contact the SESHA Secretariat at (703) 790-1745 for assistance.

Presenters whose abstracts are accepted are encouraged to submit a paper for publication in the SESHA Journal. If the paper is submitted by April 2009 and is accepted for publication, the author will receive a $250 honorarium which will be presented at the 2009 Symposium. (See the editorial guidelines on the SESHA web site.)


Please submit a short biography on the web following the instructions below. Limit your biography to 150 words. Your biography will be printed directly from the web submission for the final program. Minor editing (punctuation and grammar) will be performed on your biography; you will not see a revised version before publication. Use the following instructions for formatting:

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