SESHA 2011 Symposium / SIA IHTESH 2011 --- Abstract

How to improve the LED ESH issues and GHG emission reduction in Taiwan

Cheng, Ju-Hsiu ; LU, Joey; Peng, Yu-Chih

LED light bulbs are also part of the solution to the energy crisis we are facing. LED light bulbs use less power up front and generate less heat. Replacing all of lighting with LED lighting will suddenly reduce electrical usage and also reduce CO2 emissions from power plants. Because LED lights are very efficient when compared to other lighting products. It is a good choice for energy saving and reducing climate change. It is why this industry grows up quickly in the past decade in the world. LED manufacture is similar to the semiconductor industry; they use a lot of chemical and energy. LED Fab emitting air pollutant, producing waste, make waste water and toxic substance etc. These pollutants and GHG emission is different from semiconductor industry. Taiwan LED industry association is the only LED industry organization in the world. This association set a ESH committee and supported by ITRI. This article will show that the information of GHG emission and how to improve the ESH issues in LED industry.