SESHA 2011 Symposium / SIA IHTESH 2011 --- Abstract

Mitigation of Hazards Associated with Disilane in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Westmoreland, Don
(Micron Technology, Boise, ID)

Disilane use in semiconductor manufacturing is not uncommon although it represents only a small fraction of manufacturing process materials that contain silane. Manufacturing requirements which specify lower overall processing temperature make disilane an attractive alternative and it is finding a greater presence in the industry. From an application and safety perspective, it is easy to think of disilane as similar in most respects to silane and therefore could require similar handling procedures. We have experienced that the differences between disilane and silane are significant. Disilane usage requires unique consideration in system design and safety. Micron will share our experiences with disilane. We will also review the safe handling methods and system designs that we have developed to mitigate the potential hazards associated with disilane usage.