SESHA 2011 Symposium / SIA IHTESH 2011 --- Abstract

Safety of personnel working near track for \\\"Overhead transportion vehicle\\\"

Ibuka, Shigehito
(Tokyo Electron Limited, Fuchu, Tokyo Japan)

Recenlty unmanned transportion vehicle systams running overhead (OHV:overhead transportion vehicle) are often used in almost 300mm wafer IC fabrication plants. On the other hand, height of equipment becomes higer and higher. Personnel has to work upperside of the equipment such as a furnace, wet station or coater-developer. OHV is running near the personnel. How to protect the personnel not to crush into the OHV is very high concern. Recent updated SEMI S17 is one approach for vehicle safety design. At the last bSEMICON Japan, a workshop to share concerns of facts, and to discuss ideas to improve the situation among industry people. SEMI Japan and SEAJ is collaborating to plan next workshop. I would like to introduce Japanese activities for the subjects and know global audience suggestions for our approach hereafter.