SESHA 2014 Symposium Abstract

Semiconductor Facility Source Emissions Measurements - How the New EPA Regulations Might Change Your Upcoming Test Program

Thiry, Craig; Aasland, Judith
(Montrose Environmental Corporation)

There are many new regulations impacting source testing in the semiconductor industry in various ways. These include the following regulations: AETB-7036 (Air Emission Testing Body) Source Testing Company Accreditation QSTI/QSTO (Qualified Source Test Individual/Observer) PGVP (Protocol Gas Verification Program) SSAP (Stationary Source Audit Program) Boiler MACT Overview/Discussion of Applicable EPA Test Methods to the Semiconductor Industry Upcoming EPA Method changes including ERT reporting The discussion will include requirements for source testing companies as well as a brief overview of applicable test methods specific to the industry. All of these items provide an synopsis of the trend towards required improvements in data quality.