SESHA 2015 Symposium Abstract

Performance and Safety Considerations for MOCVD Processes

Alabiso, Peter

As III-V materials become established in the more mainstream Silicon CMOS device fabrication area, MOCVD, once thought a specialized niche, is becoming more of a focus for major OEMs and IDEMs as an important technology and growth area for next generation chip nodes. Performance, cost and safety are important considerations for the exhaust abatement equipment. The introduction of III-V materials is causing users to look beyond the more traditional burn/wet and wet abatement technologies. Use of organometallic precursors, such as Tri-methyl Aluminum (TMA), Tri-methyl Gallium (TMGa), Tri-methyl Indium (TMIn), and hydride gases, such as Arsine (AsH3), which are either pyrophoric, highly toxic or both, require a number of considerations for safety of personnel, plant, equipment and environment. There are also issues of downstream waste being created, which may be difficult or costly to manage. Chemisorption based dry scrubbing provides a number of advantages, including excellent removal efficiencies and improved safety over other dry adsorption/ physisorption and traditional scrubbing technologies.