SESHA 2015 Symposium Abstract

Fire Detection Challenges on New Generation Tools & Processing Technologies – What Works & What Does Not!!

Wyman, Matt
(KFPI, Dallas, TX)

The semiconductor industry continues to develop new process technologies to meet ever-changing demand requirements and achieve new manufacturing milestones. These new technologies have greatly increased the challenges for fire detection to be reliable against false alarms but equally be reliable to detect an actual fire. Some of these new process challenges include new heating technologies on wet tools, new chemicals (such as energetic materials & pyrophoric liquids) on ALD/CVD tools, etc. KFPI will show engineering & actual fire test data where “approved” flame detectors have failed to reliably detect actual fires and which technologies are effective and “approved” in which applications. Without the proper engineering, analysis, and testing the semiconductor industry will continue to implement fire detection solutions that provide significant fire safety risk to the fab – both to reliable operation but actual protection against fire.