SESHA 2001 Symposium - Abstract View

Updating Global ESH requirements: A TI Case Study.

Schomer, Dawne (Texas Instruments)

In this day of economic and trade globalization, multinational companies are responsible for an expanding number and type of requirements. The number of in-country ESH laws are increasing, and the number of international and regional Directives, Covenants, and Trade Agreements having environmental, safety and/or health requirements is growing. In addition, the scope of issues has expanded to include product-related concerns such as product content and product packaging. How are we maintaining visibility and management of these requirements? One element of Texas Instrument's 2000 - 2001 ESH Strategic Plan is to ensure the robustness of our internal global business processes related to this challenge. How TI and other GEMI (Global Environmental Management Initiative*) companies are addressing this issue is the theme of this presentation. *See website for more information on GEMI:

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