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By clicking on the link below you can download a textfile (SSA2001schedule.txt) with your personal schedule. It is in a tab-delimited format that can be read by any wordprocessor or spreadsheet software. "Drag & drop" onto MS Excel will open a new spreadsheet with your personal schedule, ready for your own formatting and comments. When opening the file with, e.g., MS Word you can use the function "Convert Text to Table" to produce a table of your schedule.
Note that due to the web-based nature of the database formatting will come out in clear text, e.g., italics or bold will be plain text.

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This function allows you to view your personal schedule as PDF file allowing you easy printing regardless of website settings. If you have a PDF viewer plug-in you can view the file directly in your browser, otherwise you have to download and view it using a pdf-viewer program, e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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