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Search text can match either partial or whole words - e.g., "conduct" will find "conduct", "conductor", "semiconductor", etc.

More than one search term can be entered into author or title/abstract field. By default, these are treated as if connected by boolean AND. For example, "wafer dust" will find all entries with both "wafer" and "dust". If you want to find entries with either "wafer" or "dust", write: "wafer OR dust". CAPITALIZATION of OR and AND connectors is mandatory! If you write "and" or "or" it will be treated as normal search term and you will end up with a LOT of results!

More complicated boolean searches are possible by using brackets, e.g., "wafer AND (dust OR silicon)". Again, remember to CAPITALIZE connectors AND or OR. The phrase parser is pretty smart, but has its limits. Don't be surprised if a very complicated search phrase might turn out wrong results.

Search terms in input fields are connected with boolean OR, e.g., "Doe" in authors and "wafer" in title/abstract will turn out all entries with Doe in an authorname or wafer somewhere in title/abstract.

Please note that the program is subject to change. If possible, new information will be added as it is received.