Twin Cities Chapter

Date: February 18, 1999

Topic: Contractor Safety

Host: VTC. Inc.

Summary of Meeting:

The Twin Cities Chapter met on Tuesday, February 16th at VTC Inc. in Bloomington, MN. The purpose of the meeting was to have a roundtable discussion on contractor safety and to compare/contrast how companies handle the issue. Fourteen members attended the meeting representing FSI, VTC, Rosemount, Honeywell, Cypress, Seagate and various independent consultants.

Special thanks to Jim Wittek, VTC Inc for hosting the meeting.

The meeting proceeded as follows:

1) Reminder of the Annual SESHA Conference: March 29th - April 2nd, San Diego, CA

2) Company presentations describing their contractor safety program and protocol. Highlights of the discussion:

All companies have difficulty in managing contractors.
Companies categorize the types of contractors on site. (i.e. embedded, equipment reps, temporary, suppliers and vendors)
Training methods vary between companies from videos to hands on, but most include hazard communication, general site safety, emergency procedures and work permits.
Some companies required contractors to sign waiver forms.
Most companies employ a two tier badging system based on the level of training.
Group discussed overall best practices from pre-selection to post-work evaluation.
1999 Twin Cities Chapter meeting schedule:

Meeting Date Location/Host Topic Host Contact

February VTC Contractor Safety Jim Wittek

May Cypress Lockout/Tagout Dave Bartko

September Honeywell ISO 14000 Jay Rodstein

December FSI International SEMI Std Update Mike Sherman


For more information on the SESHA Twin Cities Chapter meetings contact:

Heartland Region Director: David Bartko - Cypress, 612-851-5136,

Twin Cities Chapter President: Pat Gruneberg - Cypress, 612-851-5018,