Twin Cities Chapter

March 11, 2005, 10am-2pm

Host: Seagate, Bloomington, MN


II.Student Papers

Dr Elbert Sorrel (UW-Stout) and Dr Dale Krageschmidt's (UM Duluth) Masters students, that will be presenting papers at the Annual SESHA conference in May, presented their research papers to the Chapter.

1. Douglas Moilanen (UW-Stout) - An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of the Proposed European Union Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation on the Semiconductor industry.

2. Brian Bork (UW-Stout) - Analyzing health promotion programming utilization and the benefits as a profit center for the semiconductor industry.

3. Jonathan Market (UW Stout) - Security Considerations for Domestic Terrorism within the Semiconductor Industry.

4. Brian Spielmann (UW-Stout) - Consequences and Impacts of the Multi-Employer Work Site Standard in the Semiconductor Industry.

5. Phillip Sayles (UMD) - Effects of ACGIH Proposed Reduction in the TLV of Arsine.

6. Crystal Gilbertson (UMD - Exploring Challenges Faced in Shock Sensitive Materials

7. Jennifer Kavanagh (UMD) - Evaluating the Options: Recycling Hydrofluoric Acid

III. Job Announcements

Polarfab announced a job opening for an EHS intern that has full-time potential

FSI announced a job opening for an EHS professional.

Seagate announced a job opening for an EHS manager at its Shakopee design facility.

IV. Tour and Adjournment

The formal meeting was adjourned at approximately 1pm. Dennis Evans took interested persons on a tour of the Seagate facility.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Honeywell, Plymouth, MN on Tues May 17 from 9-11am. The topic is Fab Exhaust Optimization.