Twin Cities Chapter - Chapter Update

Date: February 27, 2004

Topic: Student Papers

Host: Seagate Technology, Bloomington, MN

Summary of Meeting:

The meeting proceeded as follows:

  1. Introduction of the day's program and attendees by Dennis Evans of Seagate. 24 attendees present

  1. Student Papers from students at University of Minnesota Duluth and University of Wisconsin Stout campuses were presented:

James Hubbard, UW Stout: A study of Coupling and Related Ergonomics Issues for Manual Handling of 300 mm Front Opening Unified Pods (Foup’s) Used in the Semiconductor Industry

Devin Wayne, UW Stout: Earthquake Related Business Interruption Exposure and It’s Impact on the Semiconductor Industry

William Olson, UW Stout: Adverse Effect of Stress and Hazard Desensitization in the Work-Force for the Semiconductor Industry

Jon Liesmaki, UMD: The Disposal/Recycling of Semiconductor Components from Artificial Pacing Devices

Xianhong (Shawn) Xu, UMD: Multicultural Health, Safety and Environmental Management: A Challenge or an Opportunity

  1. The students were congratulated and the chapter members and University program advisors (Elbert Sorrel and Dale Krageschmidt) agreed that this is a valuable experience for the students and chapter members. This event will be included in the 2005 chapter plan. Dr. Sorrel encouraged chapter members to identify research areas for next year’s papers and communicate the ideas to the University advisors.

  1. Jay Rodstein reminded attendees of the upcoming SESHA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ from April 13-16.

  1. Jay communicated the new policy from national SESHA that the meetings should continue to be open to all comers, however a $25 charge will be levied on non-SESHA members. This will begin at our next meeting. Jay will be in touch with each non-SESHA member in the next few weeks to get their feedback on whether or not they will be joining SESHA.

  1. The next meeting will be at Rosemount in Eden Prairie on Tues May 18, 9-11am. Members will be solicited for input on the topic of Installation and Decommissioning of Equipment.

Submitted By Twin Cities Chapter President:

Jay Rodstein – Honeywell, 763-954-2718,