Twin Cities Chapter

November 16th, 2004, 10am-Noon

Host: FSI International, Chaska, MN


II.Infrared Surveys and Preventative Maintenance

Pat Gruneberg, St Paul-Travelers

Pat provided some background on the technology of infrared cameras and their value in preventing losses.

He showed examples of infrared images, discussed analysis of the images, and features of the camera used by St Paul-Travelers.

Members had many questions about interpretation of the images. All the facilities represented have had infrared surveys performed. This presentation helped make sense of the reports and criteria used in assessing the images.

III. EHS Tidbits

Mike Sherman, FSI

Mike discussed a wide range of semiconductor industry tidbits related to EHS. Some highlights follow:

General Trends include SEMATECH pulling back from EHS initiatives, and the looming European (and global) EHS directives like WEEE and RoHS.

Upcoming SEMI Standards include EHS metrics (mostly energy efficiency), lifting equipment specific to semiconductor tools, robotics, and increased use/approval of PLC’s for safety. Updates on standards for heaters and ventilation are in process.

Building and Fire Codes “harmonization” is not a reality yet. International Codes are being adopted displacing Uniform Codes, and some jurisdictions (most notably California) are adopting the NFPA 5000 series. The “fun” should continue.

Mike took us to the SEMI EHS web page where there were several interesting presentations and papers as well as the starting point for getting connected to the Grapevine. The url for this page is:

V. 2005 Meeting Plan

Following a discussion of potential topics, the following meeting plan is proposed for 2005.

Meeting Month


Tentative Date/Time



Seagate, Bloomington

Tues Mar 15, 9-11am

Student Papers


Honeywell, Plymouth

Tues May 17, 9-11am

Fab Exhaust Optimization


PolarFab, Bloomington

Tues Aug 23, 9-11am

Ergonomics in the Fab


FSI, Chaska

Tues Nov 15, 9-11am

EHS Stds Potpourri & More

VI. Tour and Adjournment

The formal meeting was adjourned at noon and Mike Sherman took interested members on a tour of the FSI production area.