Twin Cities Chapter

Date: May 19, 1998

Topic: Emergency Response Team
Host: Honeywell SSEC

The Twin Cities Chapter met on Tuesday, May 19th at Honeywell SSEC in Plymouth, MN. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and share ideas and experiences with respect to emergency response. Thirteen members attended the quarterly meeting.

The meeting proceeded as follows:

1) Metro Contractor Consortium - Update was given on the consortium direction. Local industry and educational institutions have been trying to form a contractor-training consortium similar to other municipalities. After many meeting and discussion, the plans are losing steam. It is up the local industry to decide if they wish to join forces to move forward with the consortium.

2) SESHA Leader Meeting - Dave Bartko discussed the outcomes of the leader meeting held in San Antonio during SESHA Annual Conference. Our regional name has been changed to the "Heartland Region" and will include WI and IL.

3) SERF (Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum) - Reviewed the 1997 Benchmarking Survey and the results. Briefly discussed that SERF will be developing "best practices" for the semiconductor industry.

4) Emergency Response - Roundtable discussion led by Jay Rodstien, Honeywell.

Special thanks to all whom volunteered to share information with the group.

Future Twin Cities Chapter meeting schedule:
Meeting Date Location/Host Topic Host Contact

Sept 8th St. Paul Co. Fire Protection Garry Kroft

Dec FSI Intl SEMI S2-98 Mike Sherman

For more information on the SESHA Twin Cities Chapter meetings contact:

Heartland Region Director: David Bartko - Cypress, 612-851-5136
Twin Cities Chapter President: Pat Gruneberg - Cypress, 612-851-5018