Twin Cities Chapter

Date: June 19, 2001

Topic: SESHA Conference / Chapter Initiatives

Host: Honeywell Technology Center

Summary of Meeting:

The Twin Cities Chapter met on Tuesday, June 19th at Honeywell in Plymouth, MN. The purpose was to review SESHA Conference, discuss the Semi Standards Technical Education Program (STEP) conference this Fall co-sponsored by SEMI & SESHA, and to conduct a round table discussion on current issues. Two vendors, Andy Augspurger of Sellers Sorbents & Wipes and Denny Scanlon of Technical Engineering Associates (Mark Systems/Vesda) also introduced their product lines to the group. Eighteen members attended the meeting representing FSI, Honeywell, Cypress, Aon, Polar Fab, Rosemount, Matheson, The St.Paul, Zellweger, and ESH Inc. Consulting.

The meeting proceeded as follows:

  1. Introductions

  2. SESHA Conference Review

    • New name: SESHA; New region breakdown

    • Membership update (many have expired)

    • Topics of interest from the 2001 SESHA conference

  3. SEMI/SESHA sponsored STEP program conference

    • Hand out flyer

    • Review topics and speakers to present

    • Attendees to provide preliminary counts of potential attendees from each company by Friday June 22 to Mike Sherman.

  4. Vendor presentations

    • Sellars Sorbents and Wipes

    • Technical Engineering Associates: Mark Systems and Vesda

  5. Roundtable discussion

    • SAGE by ATMI, a subatmospheric gas delivery system for MOCVD

    • Zellweger: Vertex, a new 72-point continuous monitoring system fits same footprint as a System 16 or 20 point CM4.

    • FSI - Developing tracer gas methods for liquids incorporating evaporation models. These methods are useful in designing ventilation for their tools.

    • PolarFab - Extensive experience with FMEA process; potential topic at future meeting

    • St Paul Co - Would like to evaluate applicability of heat trace photography for semiconductor tools. Would like to partner with fab in this evaluation.

    • SEMI EHS Grapevine - Members were encouraged to consider participating. This can be a valuable source of information from industry professionals. To find out more about it go to; then look under Industry Initiatives for EHS.

  6. Next Meeting September 11, 2001 in conjunction with STEP conference in Bloomington, MN.

For more information on the SESHA Twin Cities Chapter meetings contact:

Heartland Region Director: David Bartko - Aon Risk Services, 952-656-8183, Twin Cities Chapter President: Jay Rodstein - Honeywell, 763-954-2718,