June 26, 2007, 10am-2pm

Host: Seagate, Bloomington, MN


Dan Oehlerts, Seagate Plant Engineer introduced the program.

25 attendees introduced themselves followed by a brief introduction to Seagate slide show.

II.Energy Conservation and Reduction Program

Pete Wentzel, Seagate Plant Engineer discussed projects at their Bloomington and Chanhassen Facilities. These included makeup air unit gas reduction and RO water tempering. FY08 projects are expected to include changes to how humidification is supplied and improving understanding of manufacturers' requirements to optimize energy use by plant.

Steve Cronkhite, Cypress Corporate EHS/Risk Manager discussed his company's requirements for reductions in chemical use, water use and energy. Steve gave an example of a successful solar project in their San Jose facility.

Al Boger, Polar Semiconductor Facilities Engineer discussed significant opportunities to improve energy efficiency through HVAC upgrades. Bloomington plant has older, less efficient system in place. Expect three year payback to include approx $1million/yr in savings (including rebates from utility).

Eric Newton and Dean Schwarz, Honeywell-Plymouth Plant Engineers discussed HVAC, RO Water, Heating and project to influence employee behavior. "Low hanging fruit" already picked, incremental changes now sought. Water use is particularly significant issue. Energy week held at plant to influence use in plant and at home. In plant issues include shutting off lights, computers/monitors. Facility has 3% annual energy reduction goal.

III.Discussion and Adjournment

Group discussion of several issues including; power outages and whether or not plants are fed from more than one substation, frequency of exercising automatic transfer switches and what is acceptable payback for energy saving ideas (answers varied from 1/yr - 7yrs). Also discussed how well manufacturer's specs relate to actual needs (e.g. exhaust). Mike Sherman of FSI (OEM) provided feedback from equipment manufacturer's perspective and this may be subject of future meeting.

The next meeting topic is Exhaust ventilation. How much is enough and how is this determined by equipment manufacturer and plants?

Submitted By Twin Cities Chapter President:

Jay Rodstein - Honeywell, 763-954-2718, jay.rodstein@honeywell.com