Twin Cities Chapter

Date: September 10, 1998

Topic: Fire Protection Systems
Host: The St. Paul Companies

The Twin Cities Chapter met on Tuesday, September 8th at The St. Paul Companies in St. Paul, MN. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss fire protection and share in a live demonstration of different fire protection systems in St. Paul's Fire Lab.

Special thanks to Garry Kroft and Tom Arch for sponsoring the meeting at The St. Paul Companies.

The meeting proceeded as follows:

1) FM 4910 Plastic Update- Mike Sherman gave a brief update on the new FM approved plastics and the testing SEMATECH will do for particle shedding.

2) Watched a video of a simulated wet bench fire conducted by Factory Mutual.

3) Live demonstration and tour St. Paul Companies' Fire Lab. Demo of fire retardant plastics vs. FM 4910 complaint plastics. Demo of quick response sprinkler, deluge system, early warning smoke and UV detection.

4) Questions & Answers


Future Twin Cities Chapter meeting schedule:
Meeting Date Location/Host Topic Host Contact

Dec FSI International SEMI S2-98 Mike Sherman


For more information on the SESHA Twin Cities Chapter meetings contact:

Heartland Region Director: David Bartko - Cypress, 612-851-5136
Twin Cities Chapter President: Pat Gruneberg - Cypress, 612-851-5018