Twin Cities Chapter Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2006, 10am-2pm

Host: Polar Semiconductor, Bloomington, MN


II.Student Papers

Dr. Elbert Sorrell's students from UW Stout presented:   

Problems and Issues with Telecommuting as it Relates to the Semiconductor Industry. John Englund, UW-Stout

Implementation of Integrated Management Systems in the Semiconductor Industry. 

Robert Mathias, UW-Stout

Dr. Dale Krageschmidt's students from UMD presented:

Nanotechnology: Can We Get as Safe as We are Small.

Paul Beck, UMD

Emergency Preparedness:  Best Practices for Catastrophes or Catastrophic Best Practices. Aubrey Gold, UMD

A Method to Measure the Contributions of Occupational Health and Safety Programs in the Semiconductor Industry to Company Efficiencies: A Pilot Project.

Jerry Ulleberg, UMD

Risk Assessment of Bulk versus Small Chemical Quantity Transfer during the Manufacture of Semiconductors: A Review Article of Silane Delivery Methods.

Matt VanWatermulen, UMD

IV. Discussion and Adjournment

There was excellent interaction between students and Chapter members. A brief roundtable was conducted following the presentations and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 2pm.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Honeywell, Plymouth, MN on Tues May 16 from 9-11am. The topic is SESHA Annual Conference Review.

Submitted By Twin Cities Chapter President:

Jay Rodstein - Honeywell, 763-954-2718,