December 19, 2007, 9am-11am

Host: Honeywell, Plymouth, MN


Host Jay Rodstein introduced the program

7 attendees present representing FSI, Polar Semiconductor, Seagate, Boston Scientific and Honeywell.

II.Potpourri of Current Semiconductor Industry Topics by Mike Sherman, FSI

Mike presented several documents, including recent SEMATECH publications related to energy and resource savings. I am providing titles, links and short description of each:

FSI Saves Big Money - discusses how FSI has saved $94,000 in water rights charges by improving their monitoring and understanding of their water systems. SuccessStory_10.pdf

SEMATECH S23 Application Guide: Measure to conserve, is described as a very practical guide on instruments to measure what you want to reduce usage of

SEMATECH HEPA Velocity Reduction. This is Phil Naughton's study, specifically related to reducing laminar flow in cleanrooms. This has been applied throughout the industry.

ITRS Facilities Working Group Presentation, January 2007. Mike discussed few of the more interesting ideas that relate to HSE.

-sleep mode for equipment on pp 4-8

-"green fab" and LEED info on pp 10-25

-adaptor plates to assist in prepping utilities for installation on pp 27-30

Semiconductor International December 2007 article on "Greening of the Fab". Provides good specific examples of reclaiming process chemicals and more information on LEED

III.Discussion and Adjournment

The attendees participated in a discussion on Arc Flash protection in cleanrooms. Summary - Although there's been improvement evaluating arc flash potential and providing protection related to main facility electrical panels; sub-panels and tools in cleanrooms and protection for equipment maintenance technicians is not fully implemented. In particular, the question of whether cleanroom technicians performing voltage testing are wearing flash suits at all times; even when Arc Flash Hazard Class 0? It is believed that the industry is in a maturity process related to this level of arc flash protection.

The attendees participated in a discussion regarding fall protection in their cleanrooms, sub-fabs and roofs. There was valuable information exchanged about roof systems and strategies for working in ballroom fabs. It was agreed that there should be more forethought in the design phase to include fall protection considerations. In particular, new buildings/areas are open, but quickly fill with equipment and utilities creating concerns in accessing certain locations.

The next meeting will take place in March 2008 with student papers presented prior to SESHA conference.

The second meeting of 2008 will be in the June time frame on the topic: Exhaust ventilation. How much is enough and how is this determined by equipment manufacturer and plants?

Submitted By Twin Cities Chapter President:

Jay Rodstein - Honeywell, 763-954-2718,