Twin Cities Chapter

Date: December 12, 2001

Topic: SESHA Quarterly Meeting

Host: FSI, International

Summary of Meeting:

The Twin Cities Chapter met on Tuesday, December 12th at FSI, International, in Chanhassen MN. The meeting proceeded as follows:

The meeting proceeded as follows:

  1. Introductions - 12 members in attendance

  2. MSDS's - Friend or Foe, presented by Ron Pearson

    Ron has developed and reviewed MSDS's. He provided statistics and examples that show inconsistency and incorrect information on the MSDS's. He provided some tips about reading and writing MSDS's and discussed an effort for Global Harmonization of hazard communication (but indicated no timeline for the effort).

  3. NFPA 70E - Electrical Safety, presented by Sheri Prosch

    Sheri has been looking into the NFPA 70E standard and in particular the requirement for protective clothing if an arc flash or blast is possible. PPE is not compatible with cleanrooms. Sheri provided comparison of OSHA and NFPA.

  4. SEMI Standard Potpourri by Mike Sherman

    Mike discussed some SEMI Ballots in Process including S6 Ventilation rewrite, S3 Heated Bath rewrite, #2212 Worker safety Training, and #3041 prep, install and life cycle of equipment. He also discussed some Sematech HSE initiatives including "push-pull" bath ventilation, laminar flow ventilation reduction, and acceptance of solid state controls for safety equipment.

  5. Discussion of Topics/Schedule for 2002 Chapter Meetings by Jay Rodstein

    • February at PolarFab - topic: Quality, Analysis and HSE

    • June at Honeywell - topic: Ergonomics

    • September at /TBD - topic: SEMI STEP - Ventilation and energy savings

    • December at FSI - topic: SEMI update, 2003 planning and more?

    Other proposed topics included

    • Prep, install and life cycle of equipment (SEMI #3041)

    • Terrorism

    • Worker Safety Training (program comparisons)

    • IR assessment of semiconductor tools

  6. Roundtable Discussion

    • SAGE being installed at Honeywell. Listing issue with AHJ resolved through use of checklist comparing SEMI S2 and UFC requirements.

    • FSI continuing to develop methods for tracer gas testing for evaporated liquids.

  7. Next Meeting - Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at PolarFab

Tentative focus on FMEA for EHS (Jim Wittek) and Six Sigma for HSE (Tom Montag).

For more information on the SSA Twin Cities Chapter meetings contact:

Heartland Region Director: David Bartko - Aon Risk Services, 952-656-8183, Twin Cities Chapter President: Jay Rodstein - Honeywell, 763-954-2718,