Twin Cities Chapter

May 17, 2005, 9am-11am

Host: PolarFab, Bloomington, MN


II.Ergonomics Presentation by Beth Whillock, Ergonomist, Seagate

Beth discussed the Seagate program which is well organized, performed with in-house resources and melded into HSE program. A few notes about the program: Departments pay for their ergonomic fixes. There are sample products which are available to by tried-out before purchase. Management is evaluated, in part on HSE performance which is believed to positively influence the ergonomics support.

-Members questioned Beth and discussed their own ergonomics programs and concerns.

-Analysis Tools developed by Seagate will be provided by Beth

-Ergonomics contact and analysis tools used at FSI will be provided by Mike Sherman.

III.Review of SESHA '05 Conference by Jay Rodstein

Jay discussed reviewed last week's SESHA conference in Scottsdale. 2006 conference will be in Santa Clara, CA in mid-April. Some of the issues discussed follow (a copy of the presentation with urls will be forwarded. Members may access the proceedings from SESHA web site:

ITRS Roadmap identified "difficult issues" for HSE.

SIA Worker Health Study and update. Included separate presentation on maintenance work.

Arc Blast/Flash an electrical safety issue that requires resources to correctly implement.

Nanotechnology and health issues - not yet understood, want to be proactive to avoid effects

IV. Roundtable - Member companies discussed current topics of concern

V. Adjournment

The formal meeting was adjourned at approximately 11am.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Honeywell, Plymouth, MN in September. The topic is Fab Exhaust Optimization, Phil Naughton of Motorola has agreed to present. There will be a small charge to cover his expenses.

Submitted By Twin Cities Chapter President:

Jay Rodstein - Honeywell, 763-954-2718,